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Bold Therapeutics Collaborators at University of Vienna Published Study Detailing the Binding Partners and Mechanism of Action of BOLD-100

Bold Therapeutics collaborators at the University of Vienna have recently published an exciting new manuscript detailing the binding partners for BOLD-100, providing important mechanistic insight into this novel anti-cancer therapeutic agent. This preclinical study revealed the ribosomal proteins RPL10, RPL24 and the transcription factor GTF2I as top potential interactors of BOLD-100. Dr. Neuditschko, Dr. Gerner and their team integrated these findings with proteomic profiling and transcriptomic experiments to support the mechanism of action of BOLD-100. These results provide further evidence of BOLD-100's involvement in ribosomal disturbance and concomitant induction of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. These experiments provide a clear understanding of the binding partners for BOLD-100 and support the unique mechanism of action for this important clinical asset. Bold Therapeutics is excited to continue collaborating with the researchers at the University of Vienna on the fundamental understanding of the science behind BOLD-100.

The full publication can be viewed at: