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Bold Therapeutics is an investor-focused clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing a first-in-class anti-cancer therapy, BOLD-100. Bold Therapeutics’ experienced management team, compelling product candidate and solid development plan is expected to lead to numerous clinical and preclinical value drivers in the short-, intermediate- and long-term. Bold Therapeutics expects to initiate a Series B round in 2020. Interested investors are encouraged to connect with us to learn more.

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Partnerships & Collaborations

Bold Therapeutics has extensive collaborations with leading academic centers to further advance the understanding of BOLD-100. Bold Therapeutics is always open to discussing new collaborations.

While Bold Therapeutics has generated compelling preclinical data across a wide variety of difficult-to-treat indications, Bold Therapeutics’ core development focus is on BOLD-100 in combination with FOLFOX for the treatment of gastric and pancreatic cancers. Bold Therapeutics has ample cGMP material available to support potential partnerships and is specifically interested in development collaborations in combination with other anti-cancer agents across a wide range of solid and liquid tumor combinations.

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Potential investors, partners and collaborators interested in the opportunity of Bold Therapeutics are encouraged to connect with us.