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Bold Therapeutics Successfully Initiates Clinical Trial of First-in-Class Anti-Cancer Agent BOLD-100

Bold Therapeutics announced that the first patient for the company’s Phase 1b clinical trial has been enrolled at the Cross Cancer Institute.

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BOLD-100 Shows Inhibition of DNA Repair Pathways in Breast Cancer

Georgetown University has recently published a new manuscript showing that Bold Therapeutics’ BOLD-100 has anti-cancer potential in breast cancer.

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BOLD-100 Significantly Outperforms Remdesivir Head-to-Head in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Model

Bold Therapeutics recently generated additional data supporting rapid clinical development of BOLD-100 as a novel antiviral.

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BOLD-100 Demonstrates Nanomolar Range Inhibition of Live COVID-19 In Vitro

Bold Therapeutics has in vitro data showing that its lead clinical-stage therapeutic, BOLD-100, successfully inhibits live SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

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 Bold Therapeutics Expands COVID-19 Consortium 

Bold Therapeutics is excited to expand its COVID-19 consortium to include four additional collaborators from prominent institutions in Canada and the U.K.

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Bold Therapeutics and Hana Pharm Execute Option Agreement for Exclusive Development and Commercialization Rights to BOLD-100 in South Korea

Bold Therapeutics announced it has executed an option agreement with Hana Pharm Co. for BOLD-100 in South Korea.

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Bold Therapeutics and the University of Ottawa Initiate Research Partnership to Study BOLD-100 in the Treatment of COVID-19

Bold Therapeutics announced a research partnership with the University of Ottawato to explore the potential utility of BOLD-100 as a novel antiviral agent.

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Bold Therapeutics Seeks Collaborators for Rapid Development of BOLD-100; Lead Drug Candidate Has Potential Utility in the Treatment of COVID-19

Bold Therapeutics announced that recent developments have suggested the potential utility of its lead drug BOLD-100 as a novel antiviral agent.

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Bold Therapeutics to Initiate Phase 1b Trial of BOLD-100 in GI Cancers

Bold Therapeutics announced that it has received clearance from Health Canada to initiate a Phase 1b trial.

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Bold Therapeutics Visiting Collaborators in Europe

Bold Therapeutics will be visiting with multiple collaborators, vendors and partners in Europe from March 2nd to 6th.