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Ending Cancer Drug Resistance

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Bold Therapeutics is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that was founded in 2018 by a team of industry veterans to develop and commercialize novel therapeutics. The company’s lead asset is BOLD-100, a first-in-class ruthenium-based small molecule therapeutic with applications in both oncology and infectious disease (COVID-19).


Bold Therapeutics in Oncology

Bold Therapeutics' clinical development strategy focuses on some of the most challenging cancer indications where existing therapies are largely ineffective, and where BOLD-100 can have significant impact on patient outcomes. BOLD-100 has a unique mechanism-of-action and is currently in a Phase 1b clinical trial in combination with FOLFOX for the treatment of advanced gastrointestinal cancers. A previous Phase 1 monotherapy dose escalation study showed that BOLD-100 was generally safe and well-tolerated.

Bold Therapeutics in COVID-19

Bold Therapeutics has collaborated with infectious disease experts across Canada to develop BOLD-100 as a novel broad-spectrum antiviral. As an antiviral, BOLD-100 interferes with viral replication and has been shown to be effective at low micromolar concentrations in COVID-19 and other viruses. In December 2020, Bold Therapeutics was one of four therapeutics companies selected to receive COVID-19 funding and support from the Canadian government through NRC-IRAP. BOLD-100 is currently completing in vivo preclinical studies and preparing for potential clinical trials.

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